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Our Beginning

Insider: The original plan, then the plan of action.

Last week we shared 10 facts about Sandy Sue, our 1974 Airstream, on our instagram @wildfootstudio. Caleb and I thought it would be interesting to give the back story, for those of you who are curious, about how and why we got started with the Airstream.

The idea bloomed one day when I was at my then 9-5 job, dreaming about what I would rather be doing then sitting at a computer screen on the phone with some dude from NYC yelling at me about his shipment being a day late.

I started thinking about how I always

took out a piece of paper and started writing a list of dreams, ideas, goals and what we truly wanted to feel in life.

The list went something like this:

- stay debt free

- quit our full time jobs

- create a simple to maintain life

- own what we live in, stop renting

- be able to live off of our own small business

- travel the country for long periods of time (lots of road trips and national park hiking)

I came home from work that day with a 3 page, handmade booklet that I drew up for Caleb. It was drawings and writings explaining my ideas and how it would work if we bought some type of traveling home and lived on the road, making jewelry and other goods.

I thought I would have to do a LITTLE more convincing then I actually needed to do... Caleb agreed before I could finish.



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