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Wildfoot Studio's jewelry is more than an accessory, it is a distinctive piece of art-wear crafted with skill and intention. Each creation is made in the Cleveland based metalsmith studio of artists, Elissa Hastings & Caleb Skelton. Using raw metals and hand selected genuine gemstones, the couple creates bold and intelligent statement pieces for those who love to express their individuality. The inspiration behind Wildfoot comes from both travel and the natural landscape of the United States. The pair is driven by their appreciation for handmade, skillfully crafted goods that are made to last.

Their adventure as jewelry artists began when they met nine years ago, connecting through like-minded dreams and their creative spirits. With Elissa being a rockhound and Caleb an amateur blacksmith, the couple began testing the waters in metalsmithing as a way to create together. Teaching themselves as they went, this quickly became a creative passion, leading into what is now their livelihood as jewelry designers. Their passion and skill in metalworking and gemstones has been an ever-growing adventure.

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