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Welcome to Wildfoot. The metalsmith studio of husband and wife, Caleb Skelton and Elissa Hastings. The pair creates jewelry alongside one another in their home studio, based on the shores of Lake Erie in Northeast Ohio. They have lovingly crafted jewelry together for clients around the world since 2016.

 The couple intentionally crafts their pieces using precious metals and hand selected gemstones. They have a special knack for finding and incorporating USA high-grade stones like turquoise and variscite. With their earthly aesthetic, each collection is inspired by the human connection to nature and the wabi-sabi flow that is life.

Wildfoot Studio's mission is to create sustainable jewelry that will be well loved and well lived-in for many years to come. Each piece is made with the hope and intention that the wearer finds their inner magic, feels empowered, and manifests their wildest dreams. 


Practices such as creating with intention and purpose, using recycled metals, verifying all materials are ethically sourced, and upholding their top quality standards in both materials and skills are enacted to honor their values of individuality, durability, and sustainability. 

Find your own bit of wild, here.


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